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Crane Works Rentals has a long history of sastified customers. From projects at foreign embassys to neighbor's backyards, we achieve excellence -- because every project we do for you is the most important project we've done yet. 
  1. Grove TMS 9000E
    Grove TMS 9000E
  2. Liebherr LTM 1055 3.1
    Liebherr LTM 1055 3.1
  3. Setting a Modular Home
    Setting a Modular Home
  4. Night Work at Quarry
    Night Work at Quarry
  5. Grove TMS 9000E With Jib
    Grove TMS 9000E With Jib
  6. Cell Tower Work
    Cell Tower Work
  7. Oversize Load
    Oversize Load
  8. Crawler Crane Assembly
    Crawler Crane Assembly
  9. 110 Ton Grove Setting Modulars
    110 Ton Grove Setting Modulars
  10. 75 Ton At Work in VA
    75 Ton At Work in VA
  11. Link-Belt HTC875
    Link-Belt HTC875
A Crane Works Rentals operator understands your need to have work done safely, efficiently, and expertly. Our riggers are trained to handle all situations. 
When your deadline cannot be missed, we can help provide storage, trucking, and crane rental to get the job done. 
All of our cranes are kept in excellent condition, with annual inspections and regular maintenance. The Liebherr LTM 1055 3.1 is our newest fleet addition.